For over 18 years now, Perrin Motorsports has been racing their monster trucks and thrilling fans throughout the United States. Here is a look of how Perrin Motorsports has evolved throughout the years and some history about us.

The Bush Hog was built in 1987 by Jeff and Jim Perrin. This 1950 Chevy body was all steel and purchased in Tennessee,  In it's day, this body was used to run moonshine, Bush Hog was originally a "boot-legers" truck in the hills of Tennessee. It was purchased by the Bush Hog Race Team in 1987 and brought to Michigan for a "Monster" overhaul, which transformed it into one of the most unique monster trucks in the world. The Bush Hog was originally built with 2-1/2 ton axles but they did not hold up to car crushing so, they were soon replaced by 10 ton Mack Military axles and now the BUSH HOG was able to get some air and stay together. Broad siding cars with no ramps were a favorite. The Bush Hog was also able to pull a tractor pulling sled, which was a must for monster trucks back in the good ole days!  While performing in Manistee, Michigan, in 1991, a routine wheel stand turns fatal for the original 1950 steel body. 

Sporting it's new light weight fiberglass body, the new Bush Hog started flying higher than ever. This 1950 fiberglass replica was built by Creative Glass out of Tennessee. In 1992, Jocelyn started driving the Bush Hog full time due to the overwhelming support of the fans...not to mention she did not break as many parts as Jeff did. With Jocelyn behind the wheel, Bush Hog was performing at fair and festivals all over the Midwest, dazzling fans and setting the ground work for what would become an unforgettable monster truck driving career. As monster trucks became more popular, so did come the need for ride trucks so, Bush Hog played double duty not only as a race truck but also giving rides and doing parades. The Bush Hog was painted and detailed by SCOTT'S SIGN'S of Grandville, Michigan, with Martin Seniour Paints donated by NAPA AUTO PARTS. Bush Hog was sold to Dave Rife of Fowlerville, Michigan, in 1997, and now races under the name of Harley Bad Boy.  It was a very sad day for us departing with the old girl after 10 years of great service.

In 1993, Jeff & Jocelyn started construction of the Slick Willy Monster Truck. It was to become the only 8' inverted leaf spring 1940 Willy's monster truck in the world.  Weighing in at 11,600 pounds and using 36" of suspension travel, Slick Willy proved to be very competitive. With the unique body style and suspension, it did not take long for this truck to become a crowd favorite. This unique suspension was designed by AB SPRING SERVICE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A very special THANK YOU goes to CHARLIE BIDGOOD for everything he put into this design. The Slick Willy monster truck may not be one of the lightest trucks but it is definitely one of the loudest.  It is powered by a CHEVY 482 blown injected on alcohol motor. THANK YOU to MORE POWER ENGINES in Sparta, Michigan, for the awesome 1500 HP Motor.

Before the Perrin's sold the BUSH HOG, they both were in competition together.  Of course Jocelyn's 482 blower motor beat out Jeff's 454 carbureted gas motor, but Jeff still thinks he is a better driver. 
The Perrin family and a few good men started the rebuilding of Slick Willy in May of 2000.  They decided the truck needed to go on a diet to stay competitive. The new suspension would still have the leaf springs, only lighter, and also four new comb nitrogen shocks.  During testing in their backyard, everything was looking good!
Jeff selected some very bright colors to show off the new suspension and SCOTT'S SIGN'S added some highlights to the flames as well as a checkered flag.  We can't say enough THANK YOU's to CHARLIE BIDGOOD and the many friends who worked several late nights and many weekends to get the truck ready for competition.  2001 was a great racing season even though we started out with a roll over in Saginaw, Michigan.

  Due to a second roll over in August of 2001, the Perrin's decided to repaint the truck and give it a new name...the Slick Willy Monster Truck was repainted in November of 2001 and changed over to Lil' Miss Dangerous...special THANKS to all the guys at SCOTT'S SIGNS.

The Lil Miss Dangerous monster was then repainted in July of 2002 and changed over to Willy Badd...special thanks to everyone at THE SCREEN PRINT DEPT. The Willy Badd body was a temporary for the Summer of 2002 shows. After Jeff's rollover in Lil Miss Dangerous destroying the body at a race in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The team then decided to change the name while Jeff continued to drive. But at the Monroe, Michigan and Hancock, Michigan shows, They called in Frank Krmel, long time Avenger Racing crew chief to drive.
Since the Willy Badd body was a replacement from July to October 2002, Perrin Motor Sports went back to the Lil Miss Dangerous paint. Jocelyn now was back in the drivers seat after giving birth to her 2nd child, Natalie Perrin.

In August of 2003, the Lil Miss Dangerous Hot Wheels toy hit the shelves of stores all over the world. The Lil Miss Dangerous toy is one of the coolest looking Monster Jam toys on the shelves today. You can purchase a die cast replica, check out what we have in our store.

In late 2003 the Perrins decided it was time to clean up the truck a little bit, the truck was stripped down to the frame and everything was cleaned and repainted. The frame was now a bright yellow to match the Hot Wheels replica. 

In late 2003 the Perrin's decided to build a monster ride truck with a military theme to honor the great men and women serving our country. Jeff's idea was to create a military truck called Defcon 1. In the Spring of 2004 Defcon 1 made it's debut at the local parade, everyone including veterans and military personnel loved it.

After several rollovers in 2004 and 2005 the Perrin's wild multicolored paint job body was pretty much totaled... thanks to everyone at Scott's Signs and the Screen Print Department. Jocelyn hit the track with all new vinyl decals until the multicolored body would be presentable again. The Lil Miss Dangerous Too body instantly became popular and the Perrin's toured most of 2005 with it.

In 2006 Perrin Motor Sports began touring with George Eisenhart and the Monster Nationals series. It was a breath of fresh air as Jeff, Jocelyn, and family cruised through 2006 taking multiple wins in freestyle. 

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