About Us

It all started in 1987 – with just one man and a truck!

Back in the mists of time, a mechanic named Dwayne Wright decided that he needed a truck, to better help his stranded roadside customers get back on their feet (or wheels)!

At the time, Dwayne was a rookie car mechanic.

He had just served his apprenticeship with a local garage and recovery service, where he learned his trade.

By 1985, still only nineteen, Dwayne decided to start up on his own and began offering a great service around the local neighborhood.

Like all the best things, Dwayne’s business grew on the recommendation of his customers.

Without ever spending a penny on advertising, Dwayne had soon discovered that he had built up quite a loyal customer base and better still, he had done it naturally.

His reputation, as a mechanic of both a high standard, as well as a trustworthy individual, stood him in good stead and word spread across the county and state about his reliability.

Pretty soon, his services were offered way beyond his initial home area.

It therefore made sense to be able to reach the more far flung and stranded customer.

For this reason, Dwayne invested in his first tow truck. From there on wards, he has never looked back again!

Since 1987 he has been reaching out to stranded drivers and their passengers wherever they may be. Whether this is at the side of the road, or in their own homes – or in his garages across the county!

Whether it is roadside assistance that is required – simply to deliver a can of fuel, or change a tire – or you actually need the services of a tow truck, Perrin Motor Sports can supply it.

With the lowest call out fees in the area and reasonable subscription rates, we can offer not only the most cost effective service for miles around, but also the most reliable one.

So, if you have found yourself stranded at the roadside, contact us for assistance today!